October 17, 2018

Major Developments

Important News

  • 40,000+ Comments Support a Complete FRACKING BAN in the Delaware River Basin. READ ARTICLE

  • NYC Will Divest Pension Funds from Fossil Fuel Companies. READ ARTICLE
  • Fracking Ban Proposed for Delaware River Basin. READ ARTICLE
  • Scotland Announces Fracking Ban. READ ARTICLE
  • Constitution Pipeline in NY Rejected by Court. READ ARTICLE
  • PA Supreme Court rules that royalties from oil and gas leases in state forests must be used for conservation. READ ARTICLE
  • Case Dismissed! DRBC Can Regulate Fracking in the Basin. READ ARTICLE
  • Methane Plumes Downwind of Natural Gas Compressor Stations. READ ARTICLE
  • Do You Live in the Delaware River Basin (DRB)? DCS is Fighting for Your Health! READ ARTICLE
  • Study Finds Rise in Methane in PA Gas Country. READ ARTICLE
  • Widespread, Systemic Impacts from Fracking in PA. READ ARTICLE
  • How Much Gas Can We Really Expect From Fracking? READ ARTICLE
  • EPA Retracts Conclusion that Fracking Does Not Impact Drinking Water. READ ARTICLE
  • PA Doctors Call for State Ban on Fracking. READ ARTICLE
  • PA Supreme Court Declares Parts of Act 13, Favoring the Gas Industry, Unconstitutional. READ ARTICLE
  • Fracking and Quaking in Texas. READ ARTICLE
  • Judge Blocks Central California Oil Development Over Fracking. READ ARTICLE
  • NYC Bans Use of Fracking Waste Water. READ ARTICLE
  • Impacts of Fracking on Drinking Water. READ ARTICLE
  • What Frackers Say Behind Closed Doors. READ ARTICLE
  • High Levels of Toxins Found in Bodies of People Living Near Fracking Sites. READ ARTICLE
  • Harmful Chemicals from Fracking Pose Serious Threat to Infants & Children. READ ARTICLE
  • Constitution Pipeline Project Halted, NYS Denies Needed Permit. READ ARTICLE
  • Does Range Resources Target Poorer Areas of PA for Drilling? READ ARTICLE
  • Scientists Find Fracking Contaminated Wyoming Water After EPA Halted Study. READ ARTICLE
  • Scientists Slam EPA For “Walking Away” From Fracking Pollution Study. READ ARTICLE
  • Fracking Has Contaminated Drinking Water, EPA Now Concludes. READ ARTICLE
  • Global Warming’s Terrifying New Chemistry. READ ARTICLE
  • PA Families Win $4.24M Verdict Against Cabot Oil & Gas in Dimock. READ ARTICLE
  • PA Fracking Water Contamination Higher Than Reported. READ ARTICLE
  • Legal Victory: PA Fracker Can’t Keep Pollution Tests From Residents. READ ARTICLE
  • Living in the Shadow of Danger. READ ARTICLE
  • CA Investigating Exxon Mobil for Lying About Climate-Change Risks. READ ARTICLE

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