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A Few Facts About Fracking.

Over 20 million people
in DE, NJ, NY and PA get their drinking water from the Delaware River Basin.

Fracking Can Contaminate Drinking Water
Over 80% of fracking chemicals, including carcinogens, are left underground. Fracking also releases radioactive materials and hazardous chemicals.

The Negative Health Impacts of Fracking Are Now Known
The DRBC's proposed ban will help protect the health of residents. Frack waste and infrastructure are also harmful and should be banned.

Help Save the Delaware River Basin

Now more than ever, organizing and action is necessary. Those currently drafting the rules must be certain that these “prohibitions” amount to a total ban. DE, NJ, NY and PA residents, send your governor your views, they need to hear load and clear that we demand a ban. During that time, professional and scientific feedback must be presented to make our view absolutely clear to the commissioners. We’ve been working for 10 years toward a ban—and will not let up now. We need your help to continue.


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