January 21, 2018

New Josh Fox Video: The Sky Is Pink

New Josh Fox Video: Gas Industry Documents Show Wells Leak and Gas Can Migrate

Another industry document on gas migration

The following introduction to “The Sky is Pink” was made at a celebration of short films at the Black Bear Film Festival in October, 2012, in  Milford, PA:

I am B. Arrindell, Director of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability.  The organization that started the wake-up about gas drilling on the east coast and who Josh Fox dedicated his film GasLand to.  Josh Fox made this short film as a response to the 5 county drilling plan that came from New York Governor Cuomo’s office earlier this year.

This film is an exploration of both a content aspect and an analysis of a controlling process.  The huge experiment now on going in 34 states in the US and in a number of other countries – unconventional gas drilling with hydraulic fracturing – is the content aspect.  The controlling  process that is also explored is public discourse and how public discourse works today.

The film uses the particulars of drilling and the various spokespeople in this exploration.  You see the pieces, then the whole puzzle and then an analysis of the individual impacts, as created by privatized profits leading to externalized costs.  All all these parts are looked at through the perspective of how the structure of our public discourse is controlling public knowledge .  Additionally this manipulation of information is currently being used to direct public policy.

We see the how advertising works – pay special attention to the interview with Naomi Oreskes, the writer of “Merchants of Doubt”.  Pay atterntion to the contrast shown between outer – to the public –  statements and inner knowledge – that the public is not supposed to have access to.

Please view the film again – it’s posted with all the documents – by clicking the links below. Thank you!

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If it is not possible for gas to migrate from targeted formations, why does industry show so much evidence to the contrary in these, their very own documents?  READ THIS annotated summary of industry documents that support The Sky Is Pink.

CLICK HERE to view The Sky Is Pink.

Read the following industry documents: