February 22, 2018

Beyond Fracking: Experts Challenge Safety of Exploratory Wells, Vertical Drilling

by Marie C. Baca

For more than two years, the natural gas drilling debate has focused primarily on the use of hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells. But expert testimony submitted for a government hearing next month challenges long-held assumptions about the safety of deep vertical drilling and exploratory wells, which operate in many states with limited regulatory oversight.

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List of Experts and Full Report

1. Michele C. Adams: Erosion, Sediment Control, Stormwater Management
2. Ronald E. Bishop: Chemical and Biological Hazards
3. Peter M. Demicco: Groundwater Resources Experts Report
4. Susan L. Harvey: Oil and Gas, Environmental, Regulatory Compliance Report
5. Glenn C. Miller: Risks Associated
6. Emmet M. Owens: Upstate Freshwater Institute Report
7. Paul A. Rubin: HydroQuest Report
8. Daniel T. Teitelbaum: Toxicologist and Physician Report