February 24, 2018

Products and Chemicals Used in Fracturing

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange February 2009

TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange) has compiled a list of the names of products and their chemical constituents reportedly used during the fracturing of natural gas wells. Nalco 1, World Oil 2 and J.D. Arthur 3 list the functional categories of these chemicals as … Continue reading

TEDX to NYC Council: “The western experience should be taken seriously by those in the East”

Theo Colborn, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange

To: Council member James Gennaro
Re: Oversight Hearing – Natural Gas Drilling in the New York City Drinking Watershed
From: Theo Colborn, PhD

In response to your letter of August 27, 2008 in which you invited me to attend and testify during a hearing … Continue reading