August 19, 2018

Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages

By Ian Urbina, New York Times

As natural gas drilling has spread across the country, energy industry representatives have sat down at kitchen tables in states like Texas, Pennsylvania and New York to offer homeowners leases that give companies the right to drill on their land.

And over the past … Continue reading

Natural Gas Operations From a Public Health Perspective

Theo Colborn, Carol Kwiatkowski, Kim Schultz, and Mary Bachran

The technology to recover natural gas depends on undisclosed types and amounts of toxic chemicals. A list of 944 products containing 632 chemicals used during natural gas operations was compiled. Literature searches were conducted to determine potential health effects of … Continue reading

Not So Fast, Natural Gas: Why Accelerating Risky Drilling Threatens America’s Water

Food and Water Watch

Some energy analysts are predicting that natural gas will be the fuel of the future if advances in drilling technology allow drillers to tap into domestic shale rock formations on a large scale. But because of the impacts that the technology can have on water, natural … Continue reading