February 24, 2018

The Truth about Gas Drilling and Your Health

Catskill Mountainkeeper

Risks to human health are present at every step of the hydraulic fracturing gas extraction process.¬†¬†This includes the potential for contamination of drinking water sources through surface spills, well casing failures, blowouts, and other events, migration of drilling and fracking fluids during drilling or fracking or over … Continue reading

Anthony Ingraffea on Hydraulic Fracturing

View Anthony Ingraffea videos on hydraulic fracturing

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How Fracked Gas Wells Become a Conduit of Pollution

OR why hydraulic fracturing of gas wells will lead to gas and other materials migrating to the surface via natural and induced faults and the well bore itself.

These videos are animations made by Marc Durand, Honorary Professor of Engineering Geology, Earth Sc Dept. Univ. of Quebec. They are about … Continue reading

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Quality

Sandra Steingraber Ph.D.
Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Ithaca College

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Public Health Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Factors Affecting the Shift to Shale Gas

  • Push toward alternative fuels
  • Misperception that NG is a bridge fuel that is “clean”
  • The profitability of exporting liquified NG (LNG)
  • Development of high volume, slick water hydraulic fracturing
  • Financial incentives to extract natural gas
  • Dwindling oil reserves

-2005 … Continue reading