February 24, 2018

Analysis of leased land in Damascus Township, Wayne County, PA


A Statistical Analysis of Ownership, Leasing and Taxes in Damascus Township

The Reality of Leasing and Ownership in Damascus Township – a much more complex situation – not what you have been told.

In this report you will find an analysis of hard data on the … Continue reading

Submit Your SGEIS / Regulations / NPEDES Comments

Concerned about gas drilling in New York State? — Submit your comments on the SGEIS

The hearings — “unofficial” and “official” — are over (over 6,000 people attended and as many spoke as time allowed — GOOD WORK!). So now is the time to send in many written comments — … Continue reading

Local Boards of Health Have Considerable Powers in New York State

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

According to the lead attorney for Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS), Richard Lippes, local boards of health in New York State have considerable powers to abate a nuisance created by gas drilling.¬†Lippes explained that in New York State, the powers to examine and abate a … Continue reading