April 20, 2014

Why the Gas Industry Fought For the 2005 Energy Policy Act

This is an industry document – Halliburton from 1998 – D R I L L I N G CONTRACTOR Nov./Dec. 1998

They have known all along that gas migration occurs and why – that is the functional reason the industry fought so hard to get the exemptions in the 2005 Continue reading

Manhattan Natural Gas Pipeline Emissions Final Report

Media: New Study Exposes How Natural Gas Isn’t the Clean Fossil Fuel It’s Hyped up to Be

This Final Report, commissioned by Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, concludes that there is no advantage to natural gas over coal or oil, in terms of climate impact.  Download the Final ReportContinue reading

Manhattan Natural Gas Pipeline Emissions

The whole story – both reports and other media coverage.

PRESS RELEASE: for immediate release 3/25/13

MEDIA:  New Study Exposes How Natural Gas Isn’t the Clean Fossil Fuel It’s Hyped up to Be (Nora Eisenberg for Alternet); The Methane Beneath Our Feet, (Bill McKibben in The New York … Continue reading

Dramatic Decline Rates of 4 Gas Fields Confirmed by Industry Study

This report (click here) shows the dramatic decline rates of 4 gas fields -

Barnett, Fayetteville, Woodford and Haynesville.  Nearly 2,000 horizontal shale gas wells were included in this study, so these rates are not statistical flukes.

To examine the history of any era or series of … Continue reading

Methane Baseline Completed in Minisink, NY

From the PRESS RELEASE: Covering the public roads in the area around the Minisink compressor site, GasSafetyUSA recorded and established that there are currently only normal low levels of pre-existing methane in Minisink (Download the Report as a pdf). “The test results demonstrate Minisink is now a Continue reading

Damascus Methane Baseline

Press Coverage in the River Reporter:
Damascus Baseline Methane Study Completed: Insurance Against Gas MigrationA recurring question in the gas drilling debate is “does hydraulic fracturing lead to gas migration?” Many residents who live near gas wells that have undergone hydraulic fracturing insist that it does, while drilling companies

Continue reading

Methane Emissions in Leroy, PA

25 July 2012 Field Inspection and Methane Sampling Survey of
Parts of Leroy, Granville and Franklin Townships
Bradford County, Pennsylvania


This, the second, methane survey in the Leroy Township area confirmed surface emissions of likely ≥94% methane (100% natural gas) over an area at least 600 meters by 200 … Continue reading

How Fracked Gas Wells Become a Conduit of Pollution

OR why hydraulic fracturing of gas wells will lead to gas and other materials migrating to the surface via natural and induced faults and the well bore itself.

These videos are animations made by Marc Durand, Honorary Professor of Engineering Geology, Earth Sc Dept. Univ. of Quebec. They are about … Continue reading

Home Mortgages, Homeowner Liability Affected by Gas Drilling

New York State Bar Association Journal
November/December 2011, Vol. 83, No. 9, lead article

“. . . issues not often discussed, such as the owner’s potential liability and the continued viability of the mortgage.”

“Residential fracking carries heavy industrial risks, and the ripple effects could be tremendous. Homeowners can be … Continue reading

Overestimation of benefits from shale gas drilling and underestimation of its historic costs

Ronald E. Bishop, PhD., C.H.O.

Remarks to NYS Assembly Committee and hearing on the revised dSGEIS. October 2011

Assemblyman Sweeney, other distinguished legislators and guests, I want to thank you for this opportunity to comment on our Department of Environmental Conservation’s latest draft of the Supplemental GEIS for Oil, Gas … Continue reading