August 19, 2018

DCS Analysis of Leased Land in Damascus Township, Wayne County, PA Still Relevent


Here we are going back a decade, with the pro-drilling minority calling names and distorting the reality of property ownership, who actually pays the taxes, and for that matter, the moral, ethical, and in PA the legal responsibility for the health and well being of all Continue reading

Active Oil and Gas Wells in NY State

Despite Governor Cuomo’s recent ban on hydraulic fracturing in New York State, there are many existing active oil and gas wells in the state. The following map shows New York State Oil and Gas Wells by Production Formation, as of 2012, from NY DEC data.

NY State Oil and gas wells by production Formation map4

Detail Maps
West New York Gas

West New

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New Insight on the Nation’s Earthquake Hazards

Some states have experienced increased seismicity that may be associated with human activities such as the disposal of wastewater in deep wells
By Jessica Robertson and Mark Petersen, USGS, July 17, 2014

To help make the best decisions to protect communities from earthquakes, new USGS maps display how intense ground … Continue reading

US Energy Mapping System

Interactive maps display facets of the United States energy infrastructure

Interactive maps display facets of the United States energy infrastructure

The U.S. Energy Mapping System, brought to you by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, displays customizable maps of the U.S. energy infrastructure, including coal mines, power plants, refineries, storage, hubs, pipelines, waterborne transport, wells, fossil resources and renewable … Continue reading

Fracked Gas Infrastructure in PA and NY

Some of you have probably already seen the map I created which shows gas development in Susquehanna County PA:

The light purple is the Upper Susquehanna River Basin. The yellow squares are well pads. The green push-pins are compressor stations and dehydration. The solid lines are pipelines:


The raw data

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Oil and Gas Drilling Within Allegheny National Forest

The Allegheny National Forest region has been significantly fragmented by rampant oil and gas drilling. This slideshow documents these impacts. All of the photos are within the Allegheny, though some of the photos could be private in-holdings within the national forest.

View Slideshow and Descriptions Here

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Maps of the Delaware River Basin


View maps of the Delaware River Basin and tributaries, local and county boundaries, and watersheds. 

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Photographs of Drilling Activity Across the Marcellus Shale


This Marcellus Shale gas drilling website is dedicated to providing photos, facts, opinions, stories and news about the Marcellus Shale gas play that you won’t find other places. You’ll find extensive photos of gas drilling sites, pipeline construction, well sites and compressor stations. News, facts and opinions about hydraulic Continue reading

Aerial Views of Drilling Sites

DCS has fought to prevent the massive drilling that has occurred all across the country from occurring in the Delaware River Basin. The gas industry maintains that gas extraction is a safe and effective method that does not disrupt local life or upset the landscape around the wells. View these … Continue reading

New York State Multi-layer Spacing Map

This is actual NY state — happening now.

Slide prepared by

This situation is made possible because all the spacing requirements look at one layer at a time and not in relation to the surface.

click on map to see larger image

Original map of wells in Smyrna was … Continue reading