February 23, 2018

Not So Fast, Natural Gas: Why Accelerating Risky Drilling Threatens America’s Water

Food and Water Watch

Some energy analysts are predicting that natural gas will be the fuel of the future if advances in drilling technology allow drillers to tap into domestic shale rock formations on a large scale. But because of the impacts that the technology can have on water, natural … Continue reading

Upper Delaware Named 2010-11 America’s #1 Most Endangered River

Washington— The Upper Delaware River, the drinking water source for 17 million people across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania is at risk from shale fracking for natural gas, a process that poisons groundwater and creates toxic pollution. This threat landed the Upper Delaware in the number one spot in … Continue reading

Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets

 Alex Kaplan and James Brownin, Common Cause Pennsylvania

The Campaign Contributions & Lobbying Expenditures of the Natural Gas Industry in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has often been described as the “Wild West” of campaign financing. Ours is one of only eleven states that do not limit campaign contributions, and the state’s … Continue reading

Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Hazards

Jonathan L. Pennington, Paul Pennington, Jeffrey Bennett
Occupational Health and Safety Online

If you have been reading the headlines of late, you will notice an increase in the reports of accidents involving oil and gas rig drilling operations. You also may have noticed these incidents are not occurring in the … Continue reading

Hancock and the Marcellus Shale: Gas Extraction Along the Upper Delaware

Urban Design Lab
Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

With the publication, Hancock & The Marcellus Shale: Visioning the Impacts of Natural Gas Extraction Along the Upper Delaware, the team evaluates and visualizes the impacts of natural gas drilling in the Delaware River watershed on the … Continue reading

Open Letter to U.S. EPA From Environmental and Public Health Organizations Opposing White House Interference in EPA IRIS Chemical Assessment Program


Dear Administrator Johnson:
The undersigned environmental and public health groups join together in urging you to withdraw recent changes to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) chemical assessment program, the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). The new policy issued in April, without opportunity for public notice and comment, will … Continue reading

Drilling and Production Pits


This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the of the contamination concerns with pits. It also addresses where the regulation of pit wastes fall short.

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Oil and Gas Pollution Fact Sheet


Contaminants associated with the various stages of gas development.

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Oil and Gas Air Pollution Fact Sheet


Air Pollution from Oil and Gas Facilities

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