January 18, 2018

NY Communities Triumph Over Fracking Industry In Precedent-Setting Case

Victory: As NY high court rules towns can zone out oil and gas operations, trend spreads to other states
By Chris Jordan-Bloch, Earthjustice, June 30, 2014

Local communities have triumphed over the fracking industry in precedent-setting case decided today by the New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court.… Continue reading

Exxon CEO joins lawsuit against fracking infrastructure

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes interviews Josh Fox in a report on a lawsuit filed by Exxon Mobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson, along with his neighbors in a wealthy suburb of Dallas, to keep fracking infrastructure out of his own backyard. Tillerson is on record as blaming opposition to natural gas … Continue reading

Appeals Court Says NY Towns Can Ban Fracking

Court rules unanimously in favor of towns of Dryden and Middlefield
By Jon Campbell, Politics on the Hudson, May 2, 2013

A mid-level appeals court on Thursday said local governments in New York can ban hydraulic fracturing and shale-gas drilling within their borders, delivering a major blow to the natural-gas … Continue reading

PA Act 13 Injunction Granted

PA Act 13 municipal zoning and setback waivers for gas and oil well placement are null, void and unenforceable until the PA Supreme Court’s decision on the Commonwealth’s appeal of the July 26 decision. Municipalities do not have to make any changes while awaiting the Supreme Court decision.
By Delaware
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PA Court Issues Injunction to Stop Onset of Portions of Act 13

The Court’s order ensures that zoning ordinances dealing with oil and gas operations remain in effect and are not immediately pre-empted by Act 13 on April 14, 2012.
By Delaware Riverkeeper Network, April 11, 2012

Seven municipalities and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network were in Commonwealth Court April 11 to ask … Continue reading

Local Governments: Rights and Powers Review

Mary Jo Long, Esq.


I am going to talk about the legal rights and powers of local government with respect to gas drilling in their communities. First, I am going to review 2 NY Court decisions that were made less than 2 weeks ago that impact on this topic. … Continue reading

Win in Middlefield, NY!

Lawsuit against Town of Middlefield over fracking ban is dismissed.

The lawsuit filed against the Town of Middlefield by a large landowner seeking to overturn an ordinance banning hydraulic fracturing (gas drilling) has been dismissed by the State of New York, County of Otsego Supreme Court. This comes on the … Continue reading

New York Judge Rules Town Can Ban Gas Hydrofracking


In August, Dryden’s Town Board used its zoning laws to pass a drilling ban, one salvo in a battle that is playing out nationwide as energy companies move to drill in densely populated areas. A month after the ban’s passage,Anschutz Exploration Corporation, a Colorado driller … Continue reading

Pa. towns demand local oversight of fracking firms


Times are tough in northeast Pennsylvania, where rural townships are nestled in the valleys of the Endless Mountains and the Poconos. The economic casualties include Exeter Township, a tiny community wedged between two mountains along the Susquehanna River with an unemployment rate that tops the national … Continue reading

Model Ordinance Amending a Municipal Zoning Ordinance: Gas And Oil Well Sites


This Model Ordinance was written to assist towns and municipalities in crafting their local zoning ordinances with the correct legal language and information on Pennsylvania local law pertaining to the gas industry and gas and oil drilling. The Model … Continue reading