April 1, 2015

Radiation in Fracking Wastewater

Its contents remain mostly a mystery. But fracking wastewater has revealed one of its secrets: It can be highly radioactive. And yet no agency really regulates its handling, transport or disposal. A four-part series on radiation in fracking wastewater by Rachel Morgan of the Beaver County Times.

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PA DEP Backtracks on Radiation Issue

PA announces plans to study the effects of radiation in natural gas drilling wastewater
By Rachel Morgan, timesonline, Jan. 26, 2013

The idea is only as good as the company, the requested scope (including how and where testing is done) and the review of the draft study.

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PA Representative Calls for Probe of DEP Water Testing Reports

State Rep. Jesse White, D-Cecil, today called on state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the DEP for “alleged misconduct and fraud”
By Don Hopey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Nov. 1, 2012

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State Fracking Regulations NOT Being Enforced

Regulatory Non-Enforcement by Design: Earthworks Shows How the Game is Played
By Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog.com, Sept. 27, 2012

Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Project published a scathing 124-page report this week, “Breaking All the Rules: the Crisis in Oil & Gas Regulatory Enforcement.”

The content of the report

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Shale Health Advisory Panel in Works

A PA Senate Republican leader is drafting a bill to create a panel to address public health and safety issues stemming from drilling operations in the Marcellus Shale region.
By Robert Swift, thetimes-tribune.com, Sept. 26, 2012

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City Backs Local Control of Shale Drilling Regulations

Pittsburgh challenges the zoning language in state Act 13.
By Timothy McNulty, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 17, 2012

Pittsburgh City Council will file a legal brief next week supporting the Commonwealth Court decision throwing out statewide zoning for Marcellus Shale drilling, which will be weighed by the state Supreme Court next … Continue reading

Pittsburgh Ban on Natural Gas Fracking Faces Challenge from State Authorities

In 2010, Pittsburgh adopted a first-in-the-nation ordinance banning corporations from extracting natural gas within the city using the controversial technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” over human health and environmental concerns. However, state officials now say the ban on fracking fails to comply with Pennsylvania law and has encroached … Continue reading

Anti-Fracking Protesters Confront PA Gov During Kayaking PR Trip on Endangered River

Posted every few miles on the river’s banks were groups of protestors, challenging the governor’s pro-drilling policy with signs and chants.
By Nora Eisenberg, AlterNet, August 24, 2012

Photo Credit: Brandi Merolla

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PA Act 13 Injunction Granted

PA Act 13 municipal zoning and setback waivers for gas and oil well placement are null, void and unenforceable until the PA Supreme Court’s decision on the Commonwealth’s appeal of the July 26 decision. Municipalities do not have to make any changes while awaiting the Supreme Court decision.
By Delaware
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Court Throws Out PA Statewide Zoning for Marcellus Shale Drilling

State cannot require local municipalities to allow gas drilling in areas that would conflict with their zoning rules
By Laura Olson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 26, 2012

HARRISBURG — A Commonwealth Court panel this morning threw out Pennsylvania’s attempt to establish statewide zoning for Marcellus Shale drilling, setting up a likely

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