January 19, 2018

Alliance for Green Heat submits comments on EPA heating rules

The Alliance for Green Heat recently submitted comments on the EPA’s Proposed Standards of Performance for New Residential Wood Heaters, New Residential Hydronic Heaters and Forced-Air Furnaces, and New Residential Masonry Heaters.

You can read their comments here, and also sign up on this page for their email newsletter, … Continue reading

What the EPA Hoped You’d Miss This Holiday Season

From the Community Environmental Defense Council

Wondering if you missed anything while busy with the holidays? Well, the EPA was sure hoping you would! You may recall that the EPA has engaged in a number of flip-flops in its attempts to respond to allegations that gas well drilling may lead … Continue reading

Chesapeake to Pay $3.2M in Water Pollution Fines

Pleads guilty to 3 criminal charges for violations of the Clean Water Act’s “dredge-and-fill” permit requirements
By Ken Ward Jr., The Charleston Gazette, December 19, 2013

Chesapeake Energy will pay $3.2 million in fines and spend $6.5 million on restoration work in a settlement over allegations the company buried streams … Continue reading

In Texas Water Contamination Case, the Fire Still Burns

Steve Lipsky can light his water on fire
By Mike Soraghan, E & E Publishing, November 25, 2013

Steve Lipsky Lights His Water

Steve Lipsky Lights His Water

Steve Lipsky can light his water on fire.

It’s been said more than once, by people who should know, that he can’t do this. But, earlier this … Continue reading

US Forest Service Set to Decide on Fracking in GW National Forest

A fracking ban is backed by the Army Corps of Engineers
By Darryl Fears, The Washington Post, September 7, 2013

Here is the latest on this story from Environment Virginia

George Washington National Forest is more than just one of the largest expanses of pristine land in the East. It’s … Continue reading

Petition: Reopen EPA Investigations into Fracking-Related Water Contamination

Sign the Petition to President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy
Petition Background
This week, the Los Angeles Times broke the story that EPA shut down a fracking-related water contamination investigation in Dimock, PA – featured in the documentary “Gasland” – despite evidence that the water was polluted. The LA Times … Continue reading

Censored EPA PA Fracking Water Contamination Presentation Published

DeSmogBlog Publishes Censored Power Point Presentation
By Steve Horn, desmogblog.com, August 5, 2013

DeSmogBlog has obtained a copy of an Obama Administration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fracking groundwater contamination PowerPoint presentation describing a then-forthcoming study’s findings in Dimock, Pennsylvania.

The PowerPoint presentation reveals a clear link between hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) … Continue reading

Internal EPA Report Highlights Disputes Over Fracking and Well Water

An EPA staff report suggests methane from fracking contaminated wells near Dimock, PA, but the agency says the water’s safe to drink
By Neela Banerjee, Los Angeles Times

One year ago, the Environmental Protection Agency finished testing drinking water in Dimock, Pa., after years of complaints by residents who suspected … Continue reading

Feds Sue Exxon for Polluting PA Drinking Water with Toxic Fracking Waste

An Exxon subsidiary is now facing a federal lawsuit alleging its hydraulic fracturing operations contaminated water supplies in Pennsylvania
By Noel Brinkerhoff, allgov.com, July 24, 2013

Having settled one water pollution case, an Exxon subsidiary is now facing a federal lawsuit alleging its hydraulic fracturing operations contaminated water supplies in … Continue reading

Halliburton Cited for OSHA Violations in Liberty, PA

Vera Scroggins, of Citizens for Clean Water, writes:

I called OSHA months ago to check out the silica dust clouds on the frack sites and they inspected the WPX Gas Site known as Wootton at 1283 Mill Road, Liberty, Pa. 16930 on 4/4/2013 and citation issued on 6/19/2013. The Company … Continue reading