February 22, 2018

NYC’s Odd Sense of Good Health: No Big Sodas But Radioactive Kitchens

He wants big soda out of our lives, but Mayor Bloomberg wants to put in our lives, cancer-causing radon.
By Eileen Stukane, Huff Post New York, June 12, 2012

For his desired ban on the sale of 32-ounce sugar-sweetened beverages in restaurants, delis, sports arenas, movie theaters and food carts, … Continue reading

Add Your Name to the Letter to NY City Council Speaker Quinn Re: Radon in Marcellus Gas

CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR NAME to the June 1, 2012 letter to Speaker Quinn beginning:

Dear Speaker Quinn;

We are writing to request your assistance in holding joint hearings of the Committee on Environmental Protection and the Committee on Health as soon as possible on an environmental issue with … Continue reading

Press Release – NY City Council Speaker Quinn is Asked for Hearings on Radon in Marcellus Gas Coming to NYC

Press Release – for immediate release                                              June 4, 2012

Speaker Quinn is asked for Hearings on Radon in Marcellus gas coming to NYC

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability(DCS) and NYH2O along with over 50 signatories have sent a letter to Speaker Quinn of the New York City Council asking for her … Continue reading

Letter to NY City Council Re: Joint Hearings on Radon in Natural Gas from the Marcellus Shale

This letter discusses the potential for exposing every New York household that uses natural gas to dangerous levels of radioactive radon.

Click HERE to read the letter as delivered on June 4.
Read the Press Release here.

For additional information:
NY groups: Radon in Marcellus gas could jeopardize public healthContinue reading

New Yorkers to Have Radon With Dinner

Future Radon Exposure in NYC Metro Area with Marcellus Shale Gas, at the level expected, could result in thousands of additional cancer deaths.

Damascus Citizens first raised the subject of radon arriving in the pipelines with Marcellus gas last fall and our attorney Jeff Zimmerman gave testimony on the NY … Continue reading