August 19, 2018

New York Denies Critical Permit for Natural Gas Pipeline

Constitution Pipeline Project Halted,
NYS Denies Needed Permit

“The Department of Environmental Conservation said that in addition to its review of Constitution’s application and supporting materials, the agency also considered more than 15,000 public comments before reaching its decision.”

ALBANY, N.Y. — … Continue reading

Albany Bars Crude Processing Expansion at Port

The order requires a health impact study by the county
By Mary Esch, Associated Press, March 12, 2014

The expansion of crude oil processing at the Hudson River Port of Albany, which has become a hub for rail shipments of volatile North Dakota crude to coastal refineries in the past … Continue reading

Alarming Questions about EPA’s Oversight of Oil and Gas Drillers

Joint statement by Bruce Baizel, Director of Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project, and Dusty Horwitt, Senior Counsel for Environmental Working Group, EWG

WASHINGTON – January 17 – A report yesterday by the Associated Press that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency withdrew action against a natural gas company despite evidence … Continue reading

New Report Questions PA Environmental Chief’s Assertion About Methane Contamination

Leroy Township, PA Gas Migration Continues

In the Leroy Township area an actual gas well ‘blowout’ event is ongoing, but the drilling company and the PA DEP insist that the ‘event’ is over.  Gas Safety’s testing has shown that the event is continuing. An initial day of testing was done … Continue reading

Nationwide Insurance to Exclude Fracking Risks

By MARY ESCH, Associated Press, July 13, 2012
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. has become the first major insurance company to say it won’t cover damage related to a gas drilling process that blasts chemical-laden water deep into the ground. The Columbus, Ohio-based company’s personal and commercial … Continue reading

PA ignoring their residents’ health complaints

By KEVIN BEGOS — Associated Press

The Pennsylvania Department of Health says it investigates every claim by residents that gas drilling has caused health problems, but several people say the agency’s actions don’t match its words.

Two western Pennsylvania residents told The Associated Press that health officials have fallen short … Continue reading

Chemicals in my Water in Drilling Area

PA Woman: Chemicals in my Water in Drilling Area
By Kevin Begos, Associated Press, February 24, 2012

EVANS CITY, Pa. (AP) — A woman says state environmental officials refused to do follow-up tests after their lab reported her drinking water contained chemicals, but it’s unclear where the pollutants came from.… Continue reading

Officials: 4.0 magnitude quake in northeast Ohio related to wastewater injection well

By Associated Press 

McDONALD, Ohio — Officials said Saturday they believe the latest earthquake activity in northeast Ohio is related to the injection of wastewater into the ground near a fault line, creating enough pressure to cause seismic activity.

The brine wastewater comes from drilling operations that use the so-called … Continue reading

Drilling fluid gushes from natural gas well in Bradford County

Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press

ALLENTOWN — A blowout at a natural gas well in rural northern Pennsylvania spilled thousands of gallons of chemical-laced water today, contaminating a stream and forcing the evacuation of seven families who live nearby as crews struggled to stop the gusher.

Chesapeake Energy Corp. lost control … Continue reading

Pa. allows dumping of tainted waters from gas boom

By David B. Caruso, Associated Press

The natural gas boom gripping parts of the U.S. has a nasty byproduct: wastewater so salty, and so polluted with metals like barium and strontium, that most states require drillers to get rid of the stuff by injecting it down shafts thousands of feet … Continue reading