September 2, 2014

Who Pays the Cost of Fracking?

The report posted below should be of interest to the general public, which will bear the cost of the failures on the part of companies engaged in horizontal hydrofracking (fracking) to properly insure their projects against the possibility–ever present given the high-pressure environment and toxic chemicals, radioactive drill cuttings and … Continue reading

Study reports VOC-polluted air, health problems related to hydrocarbon development

A study recently published in the journal Atmospheric Environment reports that hydrocarbon processing in the industrial heartland of Alberta has been correlated with remarkable elevations in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels in the area, raising serious concerns about the relationship between these high VOC levels and the incidence of various … Continue reading

Drilling injury lawsuit settled

Worker was paralyzed while repairing rig at Harrison jobsite
The Charleston Gazette
July 22, 2013


“During a deposition, Jason Ware, a safety coordinator with Antero, according to transcripts, said that in the 36 months he had worked at the rig, 25 to 30 work-related accidents occurred

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TEDX Upcoming Events

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Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Exposure, Research and Regulation
Join us Thursday September 12th (9am Pacific/12 Eastern) for a jointly sponsored call with the Collaborative on Health and the Environment featuring Dr. Jerrold Heindel (NIEHS), Dr. Laura Vandenberg (U Mass), and Gwynne Lyons (CHEM … Continue reading

Jerusalem Sung To Honour Those Harmed in PA by Fracking

From Philip Carr-Gomm

Today 11th August 2013 at the anti-fracking protest in Balcombe, Sussex, England, we sang William Blake’s Jerusalem while the names of those harmed by fracking in Pennsylvania USA were read out. A deeply moving event with many Balcombe residents and local choirs attending.

Vera Scroggins: “How thoughtful … Continue reading

Drilling, Fracking Cause Concern

Medical workers urged to recognize exposure
By David O. Williams, The Durango Herald, July 20, 2013

A former president of the Colorado Medical Society calls the current hydraulic fracturing boom in the state’s gas and oil industry an “experiment in motion” for the public at large – one that could Continue reading

Halliburton Cited for OSHA Violations in Liberty, PA

Vera Scroggins, of Citizens for Clean Water, writes:

I called OSHA months ago to check out the silica dust clouds on the frack sites and they inspected the WPX Gas Site known as Wootton at 1283 Mill Road, Liberty, Pa. 16930 on 4/4/2013 and citation issued on 6/19/2013. The Company … Continue reading

Fracking Poses Health Risks to Pregnant Women and Children


Contact: Ansje Miller, 510-379-8449 (cell); Ellen Webb, 718-309-5219 (cell)

New Report: Fracking Poses Health Risks to Pregnant Women and Children

Air and Water Pollution from Secret Use of Toxic Chemicals Poses Serious Health Risks to Most Vulnerable Populations (read the report)


Hon. Tony … Continue reading

Fracking vs Food: NY’s Choice

Drilling deep underground for natural gas will threaten the state’s agriculture, say two celebrity chefs
By Mario Batali and Bill Telepan, New York Daily News, May 30, 2013

As chefs and proprietors of New York City restaurants, we care a great deal about the ingredients going into the dishes we … Continue reading

NYPIRG Urges Cuomo to Reject dSGEIS Due to Conflicts of Interest

The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) has sent a letter to New York State Governor Cuomo urging him to reject the Revised Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS) due to a conflict of interest on the part of the consultants who worked on the socio-economic impact section. … Continue reading