January 21, 2018

Driller Must Pay for Dimock, PA, Contamination

$4.24M Verdict Against Cabot Oil & Gas for polluting wells in Dimock
By Ellen M. Gilmer, E&E Publishing, March 10, 2016

Note from Barbara Arrindell, Director of Damascus Citizens:
“The industry knew all this and fought for decades to get the exemptions in the Bush/Cheney 2005 Energy Bill which they
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No One Will Ever Live at 1101 Carter Road in Dimock Again

Battleground Dimock property sold, deed bars owner from building there
By Laura Legere, StateImpact, October 20, 2013

No one will ever live at 1101 Carter Road in Dimock again.

The 3.6-acre property is one of 18 in the Susquehanna County village where state environmental regulators in 2009 traced methane contamination … Continue reading

Endless Water Tankers in Dimock, PA

From Vera Scroggins

I stood outside Ray Kemble’s home on this road with endless, water tankers going in both directions; full in one direction and empty in the other direction; it was overwhelming listening to the noise and seeing this and it’s been going on for weeks; How can anyone … Continue reading

Internal EPA Report Highlights Disputes Over Fracking and Well Water

An EPA staff report suggests methane from fracking contaminated wells near Dimock, PA, but the agency says the water’s safe to drink
By Neela Banerjee, Los Angeles Times

One year ago, the Environmental Protection Agency finished testing drinking water in Dimock, Pa., after years of complaints by residents who suspected … Continue reading

Dimock Water Problems Continue After 4-plus Years

Results of recent cases in fracking zone not yet released.
By Tom Wilber, Shale Gas Review, March 26, 2013

Service Rig in Dimock

More than four years after the explosion of a residential water well called attention to the problem, Pennsylvania environmental officials are still trying to solve water pollution … Continue reading

Are Leaking Wells Letting Methane Get Into Dimock’s Water?

Water samples taken during a recent federal investigation in the Susquehanna County village suggest that methane problems persist.
By Laura Legere, The Scranton Times-Tribune, Sept. 30, 2012

This is parallel to what is happening in Leroy, PA

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Federal Health Officials to Assess Dimock Pollution Risk

Probe follows positive tests by EPA for hazards in aquifer
By Tom Wilber, Shale Gas Review, September 4, 2012

Federal health officials are assessing risks related to elevated levels of arsenic, barium, manganese, and methane in an aquifer that supplies homes in a shale gas production zone in Dimock, Pa.… Continue reading

Observations on Selected USEPA Summaries of Well Water Analysis from Dimock, PA.

In summary, the decision of the USEPA to certify these six wells in Dimock, PA as “safe” was, in this reviewer’s opinion, premature and inappropriate for at least five of the six wells reviewed here.
By Ronald E. Bishop, Ph.D., CHO, March 26, 2012

Observations on Selected USEPA Summaries of Continue reading

So, Is Dimock’s Water Really Safe to Drink?

Dimock water found to contain dangerous quantities of methane gas and dozens of other contaminants.
by Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica, March 20, 2012

When the Environmental Protection Agency announced last week that tests showed the water is safe to drink in Dimock, Penn., a national hot spot for concerns about fracking, … Continue reading

The Environmental Dangers of Hydro-Fracturing the Marcellus Shale

Robert Myers, Ph.D. Lock Haven University

Over the past four years, I have watched the hydro-fracturing industry rapidly expand into central Pennsylvania, and I have been disturbed by the consequences.  The state forests, where generations of Pennsylvanians have hunted, fished, and hiked, have been defaced by a growing network of … Continue reading