January 18, 2018

Texas Supreme Court Rules Big Gas Mafia Royalty Payment Fraud Okay

By TX Sharon, Blue Daze: Drilling Reform

If that headline is hard to believe, go stick your head back in the sand or where ever you’ve had your head stuck.

COURT FINDS FOR BIG OIL COMPANY OVER SMALL ROYALTY OWNER IN PRECEDENT SETTING CASE Attorney: ‘You can’t really believe anything … Continue reading

Oil Executive Recommends Counterinsurgency Manual

By Eamon Javers, CNBC Washington

Last week’s oil industry conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston was supposed to be an industry confab just like any other — a series of panel discussions, light refreshments and an exchange of ideas.

It was a gathering of professionals to discuss “media … Continue reading

CEO Aubry McClendon speaks at the Marcellus Shale Insights Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Keynote Address of Aubrey K. McClendon
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Marcellus Shale Insights Conference, Philadelphia, PA

It’s great to be in the City of Brotherly Love. From the greeting I received outside, I can see how the city earned its nickname!

And I must say it made … Continue reading

Chesapeake Well in Bradford County, PA has Blowout; Chesapeake Temporarily Stops All Drilling Until Cause is Known

Chesapeake Energy experienced a blowout at a well being drilled near Canton in Bradford County, PA on Tuesday at 11:45 pm. A blowout occurs when the pressure systems fail and results (in this case) in drilling fracking fluids escaping in an uncontrolled manner. For a time the fluids from the … Continue reading

NY DEC Information Requests

Prepared for: Independent Oil and Gas Association

By letter dated April 12, 2010, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
(DEC), Division of Mineral Resources, requested additional technical information from the
Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York (IOGA) regarding high volume hydraulic
fracturing (HVHF) as it … Continue reading

Information From Gas-Drilling Companies Isn’t Coming Easily

Information From Gas-Drilling Companies Isn’t Coming Easily, Congressmen Say
by Joaquin Sapien, ProPublica, July 20, 2010, 1:55 p.m.

Gas and oil companies have deflected congressional inquiries about whether they are drilling near underground drinking water sources and how they are disposing of the chemical-laden wastewater their operations produce, according to … Continue reading

Startup Cracks Propane Fracture Puzzle, Provides ‘Green’ Solution

By Maurice Smith
Frac Forward
New Technology Magazine

Sometimes, the best technological solutions seem, when accomplished, to be the simplest — the ones where the users wonder why nobody else had thought of it. One of the most impressive new fracturing technologies to enter the market recently, developed by Dwight … Continue reading

Natural Gas Dehydration: Lessons Learned from the Natural Gas STAR Program

Producers Technology Transfer Workshop Durango, Colorado
ConocoPhillips, The Colorado Oil and Gas Association, and The Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States

Methane Losses
Methane Recovery
Is Recovery Profitable?
Industry Experience

View Presentation Here

View EPA Natural Gas STAR Program here

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