January 19, 2018

Radioactive Waste Management Associates

Radioactive Waste Management Associates (RWMA)

RWMA is a Vermont-based consulting firm established in 1989. Our expert team of scientists and engineers evaluate the impact of proposed and existent radioactive waste facilities to assist organizations that are faced with nuclear waste management issues.

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Comments on Proposed DEC Regulations Marcellus Shale Development

Marvin Resnikoff, Ph.D.
Radioactive Waste Management Associates
October 2011

These comments on the proposed DEC regulations on Marcellus Shale Development pertain primarily to health and safety issues. Since the previous GEIS1, DEC has examined the regulatory experience in other states and responded to the concerns of New York City and … Continue reading

Contaminant Characterization of Effluent from Pennsylvania Brine Treatment

University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

Contaminant Characterization of Effluent from Pennsylvania Brine Treatment Inc., Josephine Facility:

Implications for Disposal of Oil and Gas Flowback Fluids from Brine Treatment Plants by Conrad D. Volz et al

EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Study Technical Workshop 3, Fate and Transport March 28-29, … Continue reading

Pa. allows dumping of tainted waters from gas boom

By David B. Caruso, Associated Press

The natural gas boom gripping parts of the U.S. has a nasty byproduct: wastewater so salty, and so polluted with metals like barium and strontium, that most states require drillers to get rid of the stuff by injecting it down shafts thousands of feet … Continue reading

Natural Gas No Quick Fix for U.S. Energy Woes

Food & Water Watch Report Points to Need for Better Federal Regulations; Activists in Delaware River Basin, Colorado and Virginia Fear Risks from Fracking
By Food & Water Watch, Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Washington, D.C.-In the wake of April’s calamitous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, pundits are pointing … Continue reading

With Natural Gas Drilling Boom, Pennsylvania Faces Flood of Wastewater

Joaquin Sapien, ProPublica, Scientific American

Workers at a steel mill and a power plant were the first to notice something strange about the Monongahela River last summer. The water that U.S. Steel and Allegheny Energy used to power their plants contained so much salty sediment that it was corroding their … Continue reading

Drilling and Production Pits


This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the of the contamination concerns with pits. It also addresses where the regulation of pit wastes fall short.

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