February 24, 2018

Tell the DRBC: Ban Fracking in the Basin

UPDATE: DCS and like-minded organizations have teamed up to make submitting your comments easier:

We will be posting talking points every week until the comment deadline (March 30). Since you can make as many comments as you want, PLEASE try to make at least one a week. Check back weekly and comment often.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) has proposed a ban on fracking in the Delaware River Basin. This is great news, and a tribute to all who have worked so hard for 10 years to achieve this milestone. The DRBC is now accepting public comments on the proposed fracking ban and other changes to regulations related to gas production. Your comments to the DRBC can help ensure that a permanent ban on fracking in the Basin is enacted.

With a ban on fracking

Hawk’s Nest, Delaware River

Without a ban on fracking

Fracking Waste Pit, Dimock, PA

Download a draft of the proposed regulations as a pdf

The main provisions of the proposed regulations (see page 4) are:

  • Section 440.3 High volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) – Bans fracking in the Delaware River Basin.
  • Section 440.4 Exportation of water for hydraulic fracturing – Discourages, but allows, the exportation of water from the Basin to support fracking elsewhere.
  • Section 440.5 Produced water – Discourages, but allows, the importation of frack wastewater into the Basin for purposes of treatment and disposal.

Note that you can make as many comments as you want, though you must submit your comments through the DRBC webform, unless you use our simple forms (above). You can include attachments with your comments via the webform (only). The DRBC requests that all attachments be searchable.

Download DCS’ sample comments as a pdf, for reference and copying

Even if you do not have time to make detailed comments, please take a few minutes to tell the DRBC that you support a ban on fracking in the Basin, that you oppose the export of our clean water to support fracking elsewhere and that you oppose the import of frack wastewater into the Basin. The science on the negative impacts of fracking is clear, but this is also a political process. Your comments are your vote to ban fracking in the Basin!

We are working to change the webform requirement, but if anyone has problems using the webform, call DCS at our office (845-252-6677) and we will help or fill it out for you. If possible, it will be most helpful if you first email DCS your comments to DCS@DamascusCitizens.org or we can type it up for you. Though that takes much more time, we’re willing! DCS’ Narrowsburg office hours for this will be on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays from 2 to 6 PM (weather permitting) – just come in.