January 19, 2018

Keep Frack Waste Out of New York City

NYC Frack Waste Bill (INT 446): Banning the Discharge, Disposal, Sale or Use Within NYC of Any Wastewater or Natural Gas Waste Produced From the Process of Hydraulic Fracturing

Hazardous Waste

Has your Council Person signed on to this commonsense bill?

  • Frack waste fluids contain biocides, heavy metals, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, zylenes (BTEX), radioactivity and unknown “proprietary” ingredients.
  • NYC wastewater treatment plants cannot handle these ingredients, not to mention unknown ingredients.
  • Treated wastewater ends up in NYC rivers (Hudson and East Rivers), Long Island Sound and on ocean shore lines.
  • This is not acceptable! Tell your Council Person to pass the NYC Frack Waste Bill and keep frack waste out of NYC wastewater treatment plants and our rivers and waterways (see DCS comments to the NYC Council).

If not please urge them to do so today.
Find your Council Person here.

The proposed local law amends Subchapter 1 of chapter 3 of title 24 of the administrative code of the city of New York by adding a new section 24-303.1 to prohibit discharge of any natural gas waste to any surface water bodies, disposal into a landfill located within the city of New York or to any wastewater treatment plant, sale of any natural gas waste or natural gas waste byproduct located within the city of New York, application of any natural gas waste or natural gas waste byproduct on any road or real property or purchase for use as materials to construct or maintain a city road.

DCS strongly supports the NYC Frack Waste Bill.