February 20, 2018

Tell Your Rep. to Ban Frack Waste in NJ

Last year New Jersey’s Assembly and Senate, with nearly unanimous bipartisan agreement, voted to ban hydraulic fracturing waste being treated, discharged, disposed of or stored in New Jersey**. Governor Christie vetoed the legislation. The bills (S1041 / A2108), are now in an over-ride process, which means that if 2/3 of the Assembly members and 2/3 of the Senators vote for it, Governor Christie’s veto will be overridden and the fracking waste ban bill will become law without his signature.

Frack waste materials are toxic and radioactive, and can be brought in from other states such as Pennsylvania where drilling is rampant. According to NJ.com, “At least three sites in New Jersey have accepted fracking waste, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.”

Protective legislation is better than reactive “cleanup” action that comes too late. New Jersey already has 125 Superfund sites – we don’t need more. If Governor Christie will not be proactive on this issue, the legislature must act and override Christie’s veto.

It is important that your state representatives hear from you. Let them know that you want a ban on frack waste in New Jersey and urge them to pass S1041 / A2108. Also, ask them to co-sponsor the bills and to respond to your letter.

To find out who your representative is and their mailing address, go to:

* Postal mail letters are the most effective way to voice your concerns because legislators believe people who take the time to send an actual letter are more likely to vote. Politicians view just one postal letter as representing the sentiments of 100 voters. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing a letter, we’ll be happy to help you. Although the letter must be your own words and thoughts, it can be short. Please feel free to let us know if you want some assistance putting those words and thoughts together! (845) 252-6677 or email dcs@DamascusCitizens.org.

Remember – one of the only things that can affect change is YOUR voice. When legislators hear from their constituents they listen, especially when the numbers start to mount. As with gas drilling, the cumulative impact makes all the difference.

** S1041 / A2108 – Bill Title: Prohibits treatment, discharge, disposal, application to roadway, or storage of wastewater, wastewater solids, sludge, drill cuttings or other byproducts from natural gas exploration or production using hydraulic fracturing.

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