February 20, 2018

Call to Stop the Constitution Pipeline!

Call Governor Cuomo Wednesday, September 2, or any day this week, at 877-235-6537, to stop the “Constitution” pipeline.

It’s important that we keep the pressure on NY Governor Cuomo and the DEC this week to Stop The Pipeline!

Let Albany officials know your opinion on this issue. The call-in process is very simple. It is all automated and will take less than 90 seconds.

Call and ask Governor Cuomo to deny the 401 water quality certificate for the Constitution Pipeline. This will essentially stop this pipeline’s construction.

Under section 401 of the federal Clean Water Act, the pipeline cannot be built unless DEC certifies that the state’s strict water quality standards will not be violated. The problem is, Williams and Cabot have chosen the most destructive route and the cheapest construction methods for this “greenfield project”. It will tear through pristine fields and forests, wiping out more than 700,000 trees, trench through cold-water trout streams, clear-cut steep slopes in a region known for devastating floods and adversely impact scores of farms and rural communities. All this to export gas to international markets; not even for domestic use.

Sign the letter to Governor Cuomo and Acting Commissioner Gerstman

Sign the letter to Governor Cuomo and Acting Commissioner Gerstman

Tell Governor Cuomo:

  • The Constitution Pipeline endangers 277 streams and important water supplies. The state has the right and an obligation to protect these water resources, which means denying this pipeline a 401 water quality certificate.
  • We cannot allow one pipeline to be built, just so another one – the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) – can be constructed 50-feet away a couple of years later.
  • We cannot allow a corporation to steal people’s land through eminent domain, just so they can export their gas overseas at a premium price.