February 22, 2018

Gas Leasing May Violate Your Mortgage

From a resident of Idaho:

Hello Friends!

Wanted to share a letter that I recently received from PNC Mortgage, the lender on my farm. Pay close attention to the language on page two.

Feel free to distribute as you see fit– including on social media if you’d like.

I’ve been telling EVERY person I talk to about this issue to call their lender/insurer to see if they sign an oil/gas lease, even if they never allow this activity to take place on their property– if they are in technical default of their mortgage and can be foreclosed on.

In my non-lawyer opinion, if enough of us do this, and then should the state/feds try to integrate us and force us to allow an activity that puts us in violation of our mortgage contract with our lenders, that’s a taking (without due or just compensation mind you!).

I think if enough of us do this, across the country, we have the makings of a VERY large class-action lawsuit…