February 21, 2018

Terry Greenwood Dies of Brain Cancer After Years of Fighting Fracking

His motto was “Water is more important than gas.”

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The late Terry Greenwood of Daisytown, PA

The Late Terry Greenwood of Daisytown, PA

Terry Greenwood, 66, died after 3 months fighting cancerous brain tumors, years of fighting fracking and for appropriate, accountable regulator response to frack contamination on his farm.

“I have lived on this farm since 1988. This property was leased back in 1921…I had no say.”

“There was a spill on my property a short time later. The frack fluid went into my field and pond. My animals drank this water. I lost 11 cattle.”

“The DEP sided with the gas company when I called them. I was told by the DEP , “there’s nothing wrong with this, they dump the water right on the land in West Virginia”. I had to fence off the area where the spill occurred, but it was too late, the damage was done.”

“My drinking water went bad in January of 2008. It looked like iced tea.”

“[The gas company]… threw garbage on my property, buried frack pits with plastic liner sticking up in place. I lost 6 acres of hayfield to the roads they built. They came one day, cut the fence and did what they wanted to do. When I hauled their garbage to the road because I didn’t want them burying it on my property, they accused me of blocking the road with garbage. They have even taken me to court.”

“I am losing over $10,000.00 per year in lost cattle and hayfield. Much more money has been lost than has been collected in royalties from the wells on my farm.”
-Terry Greenwood