February 22, 2018

DCS Letter to Susan G. Komen re: Fracking

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DCS is protesting the recent decision by Susan G. Komen to partner with fracker Baker Hughes (see our letter below). Please join in this protest by writing a letter, for the greatest impact, or sending an email. Feel free to borrow language from our letter, if you like.

Download our letter as a Word document, for use in writing your own letter.

Dr. Judith A. Salerno, CEO
5005 LBJ Freeway Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75244

Dear Dr. Salerno,

We are appalled to learn that you have joined with a major drilling company, Baker Hughes, to “end breast cancer forever.” While this goal is laudable, the means you have chosen to pursue it, and the cover it gives to the fracking industry, will actually increase health risks for many people, including the risk of breast cancer, the very disease you are supposedly fighting.

According to Salon.com, you reached this partnering decision because you believe “the evidence to this point does not establish a connection between fracking and breast cancer.” Perhaps you are not aware of, or do not care about, all of the other health risks that have been linked to fracking.

Even if you only care about breast cancer, you should be aware that fracking has been linked to an increased risk for this disease. As reported in the Denton Record-Chronicle (Texas) “invasive breast cancer is on the rise in Denton County and five neighboring counties, even as the incidence rate for the disease is lower in the state and falling across the rest of the nation.” These are the counties that have the most intensive gas drilling development of the Barnett Shale. You should also be aware that “Breast Cancer Action opposes hydraulic fracturing because the practice exposes people to endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic chemicals that are linked to breast cancer.”

Here is a small sample of more of the reported risks of fracking:

It appears that Susan G. Komen is willing to look the other way and ignore the scientific evidence for a large enough donation. How much would it take for you to team up with a tobacco company in marketing Komen pink cigarettes?

We are sorry to say that we will no longer be able to support your organization and that we are urging all within earshot to also withdraw their support.


Barbara Arrindell
Damascus Citizens for Sustainability