February 22, 2018

NYers: Protect Your Family from Radon in Natural Gas

Help advance the “protection of public health from exposure to radon in natural gas act”

Keep the Radon Bill Moving Along!
A Joint Project of Sane Energy and DCS

Bill A6863B-2013 (Relates to the protection of public health from exposure to radon in natural gas; requires continuous monitoring of the level of radon in the natural gas delivered; relates to compliance assurance system; requires public reporting) needs to be moved through the NYS Codes Committee by June 20 or it will lie fallow until next year.

Please take a few minutes to call our state representatives and tell them to support this important bill. Here is a list of representatives to call and a call script.

Here’s the call script: “I’m calling to ask for your support of A6863-B, which protects consumers from radon. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and kills more people each year than drunk driving. Changes in the statewide gas supply could create a public health risk, because new pipelines are designed to carry gas from Marcellus drill sites in Pennsylvania directly into New York. Marcellus shale is extremely radioactive, potentially 20-to-70 times higher than where we used to get our gas from–and so close to end users in NY that there won’t be sufficient transit time for radioactive decay to happen. Before this gas gets delivered to consumers, utilities need to guarantee it won’t contain dangerous levels of radon, and that’s what this bill will do. It will require utilities to monitor and mitigate radon levels in delivered gas. Can we get your commitment to vote yes on this bill?”

Help Keep the Radon Bill Moving Along!

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