February 21, 2018

More evidence: Gas drilling GHG emissions vastly exceed government estimates

A new study by a group from the University of Colorado – Boulder, published in the American Geophysical Union’s Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmosphere has found that the impact of natural gas drilling and production on climate change is enormously greater than estimates currently being used by the government. The study confirms earlier findings by the same group. It also joins research done by others, including DCS and our methane-testing work in Northeast Pennsylvania and Manhattan, and Dr. Robert Howarth’s study (see http://www.damascuscitizensforsustainability.org/2013/08/shale-gas-worse-for-climate-than-coal-over-20-years/) that challenge the conventional wisdom that natural gas represents a “clean” alternative to other fossil fuels.

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The Saturday Gazette-Mail has posted online coverage:

Another study points to climate harm from gas drilling

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Another study has found that global warming pollution from natural gas drilling and production is likely far greater than estimated by current government emissions inventories.
During two days of intensive airborne measurements, oil and gas operations in Colorado’s Front Range leaked nearly three times as much heat-trapping methane as predicted by current inventory estimates, according to the new study from the University of Colorado-Boulder.
The measurements also found that benzene emissions were seven times higher than existing inventories, and that emissions of other chemicals that contribute to smog were twice as high as estimates.
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