January 19, 2018

Tell the EPA to Investigate Fracking-Related Water Contamination

A message from Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator

It’s John Fenton’s story. It’s Scott Ely’s story. It’s Steve Lipsky’s story.

It doesn’t matter if the setting is Pavillion Wyoming, Dimock Pennsylvania or Parker County Texas, we’ve seen the same story of EPA abandonment in key fracking contamination cases play out across the country.

These are the cases we investigate in Gasland Part II, three cases where the EPA has ignored their own data, caved to political and industry pressure and walked away from their own investigations.

The EPA wants this story to be over.  We can’t let them close the books on this and walk away.

Because they’re not just walking out on John, Scott, Steve and their families. They’re walking out on all of us, and by doing so declaring that political influence matters more than scientific evidence and the safety of this nation.

Don’t let the story end this way.

Sign this petition from our friends at Power Shift telling President Obama and EPA administrator Gina McCarthy to reopen these investigations.

Just think about what it means if the story ends with the EPA walking away. Not to give away too much in case you haven’t seen it yet, but Josh tells you exactly what that means in Gasland Part II.

It’s the point of the movie where my stomach drops every time.  And I’ve seen the film a few times (or 30 or so). But I still feel it every single time, like a ton of bricks hitting me in the chest, when I see my government walk out on its own people.

But I refuse to let that be the end of the story. I signed the petition. Will you?


Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator