February 19, 2018

Gas Driller Freezes Plans in UK

Gas Driller Freezes Plans in Rural Britain After Fracking Protests
Published: September 3, 2013 at 3:01 PM ET

LONDON — Oil exploration at a site in rural England that sparked anti-fracking protests two weeks ago will be put on hold later this month and reconsidered next year with the freeze hailed a “cautious victory” by campaigners.

Shale gas driller Cuadrilla Resources on Tuesday withdrew an application to extend drilling and horizontal well testing at a site near Balcombe village in West Sussex beyond September 28 when its current permit expires and said it would submit new plans.

The new application for a six-month extension will cover the same well testing as in a 2010 proposal and will not seek permission for extra drilling or any drilling known as fracking, a move Cuadrilla may hope will allay local community fears.

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