January 19, 2018

Petition: Reopen EPA Investigations into Fracking-Related Water Contamination

Sign the Petition to President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy
Petition Background
This week, the Los Angeles Times broke the story that EPA shut down a fracking-related water contamination investigation in Dimock, PA – featured in the documentary “Gasland” – despite evidence that the water was polluted. The LA Times reported that EPA staff warned senior EPA officials that EPA water tests revealed toxic fracking chemicals in the drinking water of a number of homes in Dimock, PA. Instead of continuing the investigation, EPA abruptly closed the case, stopped water deliveries to the residents and deemed the water safe to drink despite evidence of contamination. Since that time, residents have not had access to safe drinking water.

The EPA has also shut down fracking investigations in Wyoming and Texas. The early results of all 3 investigations showed that the EPA had evidence linking gas drilling and fracking operations to groundwater contamination yet instead of protecting people in these areas, the EPA ignored its own scientific data and abandoned the investigations.

It’s time for the EPA to do its job and protect the drinking water of the American people from toxic fracking. We call on the new EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and President Barack Obama to reopen the EPA investigations in Dimock, Pennsylvania, Pavillion, Wyoming and Weatherford, Texas and provide safe drinking water to the residents of those communities while these investigations commence.