February 24, 2018

Endless Water Tankers in Dimock, PA

From Vera Scroggins

I stood outside Ray Kemble’s home on this road with endless, water tankers going in both directions; full in one direction and empty in the other direction; it was overwhelming listening to the noise and seeing this and it’s been going on for weeks; How can anyone stand this? it is a full assault on the senses, body, psyche.

Across the road from Ray, a repair rig is still up and making almost-constant, industrial noises trying to “repair” a leaking casing and we hear that this “repair” has failed and the well is unviable and needs to be sealed. This “repair” has been going on for months since February.
I feel sorry for all there and wonder at the insanity of humans to allow this, to conceive of it and continue it, now for years in our county.

I was showing NYers around in my usual, weekly Citizen Gas Tours. It is shocking and I’ve been experiencing it for years; I followed the full, water tankers and came upon the Hordis site being worked on deep in the woods and see all the water tankers lined up in the access road waiting to go in to unload. This is in Lathrop Twp. on SR 2002.

I want to just yell at the top of my lungs, what are you doing, folks, why is this happening, when will we come back to our senses?!

I spoke to friends from Valley View Rd., in Liberty Twp., and met her at Price Chopper later and she spoke of getting royalty checks for a few months on a new gas pad, Knapik, and it is dropping all ready to about $20 to $30. an acre!

We are turning our whole county, State, world upside down for this pittance. Is any amount worth it??

I collapsed when I got home and napped from 6:30 to 8:30 and now up for a while.

Please forgive us Earth, we know not what we do …..

Vera Scroggins
Citizens for Clean Water
Susquehanna County, Pa.