February 22, 2018

The Dust Bowl and the Spectra Pipeline

Support VOICETheater’s play on the Dust Bowl and our fight against the Spectra Pipeline (they are related!)

Birds on a Wire

The play Birds on a Wire is the untold story of a Jewish family in 1930s Texas holding onto their lives as they fighting to stave off foreclosure and save their family’s integrity during the greatest ecological disaster of the 20th century- The Dust Bowl. Amidst the economic and environmental disaster around them, a family is chipped away at and held together by pride, jealousy, infidelity, joy, disappointment, and love.

The fight of the Rositzky’s mirrors the fight of millions of contemporary Americans fighting to save their homes and communities from the potentially disastrous consequences of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”. Birds on a Wire tells the story of the disastrous human consequences when we place short-term economic goals ahead of environmental safety and scientific evidence. Have the lessons of the Dust Bowl have taught us anything, or will we continue to let greed dictate the our future?

  • Where: Sanctuary Arts Initiative Metro Baptist Church 410 West 40th Street, NYC
  • When: June 13th – 30th 8:00 PM                                                
  • Box Office: 212-201-9337 Limited Seating, Reservations Recommended
  • Tickets: $18

Join VOICETheatre, NYH2O, Sane Energy Project, and our partner organizations for post-show discussions on our current environmental reality and its relationship to the Dust Bowl disaster following each of the Thursday night performances on June 13, 20, and 27. We will discuss the fight against the Spectra Pipeline and legal efforts. There will be wine and cheese!

Suggested donation to Spectra Pipeline legal fund: $20