January 21, 2018

Elected Officials to Protect NY Speak Out on Fracking

This document makes a very important point, which is that any moratorium period should be devoted not only to studying health impacts, but also the economic impact issues.

Statement from Elected Officials to Protect NY on NYS Assembly Fracking Moratorium vote, FYI:

Following on news that the New York State Assembly 95-40 passed legislation that would extend the moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing until May 2015 and requires further studies on the environmental impact of the practice, Elected Officials to Protect New York issued the following statement:

Elected Officials to Protect New York (Our Concerns About Fracking) Statement about NYS Assembly Fracking Moratorium

Statement by Dominic Frongillo, Town of Caroline Deputy Supervisor, on behalf of Elected Officials to Protect New York:

“Representing more than 600 local elected officials from every county in New York State, Elected Officials to Protect New York applauds the New York State Assembly for its leadership on a moratorium on fracking in order that the health impacts can be adequately considered prior to a decision whether to allow fracking. This is critically important for all New Yorkers and ensures that science can inform the decision. We also call on the New York State Senate to swiftly follow suit. Meanwhile, it’s paramount that New York State not ignore major concerns about the negative economic impacts of fracking. The state has acknowledged that its own economic analysis was inadequate, but has not done anything to address this major shortcoming. We call for a thorough study of the economic impacts of fracking to determine the extent of the burden it will place on local municipalities and existing industries. Economic impacts include drops in property values, losses to agriculture and tourism, and increased burden on municipal services such as first responders, police, road damage, and local infrastructure. The state must also examine the climate impacts of fracking, as a growing body of leading science indicates that fracking greatly exacerbates climate change.”

Elected Officials to Protect New York (www.NYElectedOfficials.org) is a nonpartisan, geographically diverse group of local elected officials representing cities, towns, villages, and counties across New York, who are committed to protecting our great state. It includes more than 600 local elected officials from all 62 New York State counties. The initiative launched in June, 2012 with over 250 local elected officials who brought concerns about fracking to Governor Cuomo and urged the governor to continue the moratorium on fracking until and unless the drilling method is proven safe for all New Yorkers. Elected Officials to Protect New York believes that prior to making a decision about fracking, at a minimum Governor Cuomo must do a comprehensive health impact assessment, a thorough socioeconomic impact assessment that considers all potentially negative impacts, and a revised and properly thorough study of cumulative impacts.