February 22, 2018

Methane Emissions in Leroy, PA

25 July 2012 Field Inspection and Methane Sampling Survey of
Parts of Leroy, Granville and Franklin Townships
Bradford County, Pennsylvania


This, the second, methane survey in the Leroy Township area confirmed surface emissions of likely ≥94% methane (100% natural gas) over an area at least 600 meters by 200 meters, and at least two substantial methane plumes in the air. The survey data confirmed the conclusion of our 8 June 2012 survey that methane emissions were occurring in an area near and to the west of H Rockwell Road1 and Route 414.  The methane plume found on 8 June was still in place on 25 July, though the location was slightly different due to wind conditions. The data suggests methane may be entering the local fault/fracture system at a considerable depth and traveling laterally potentially thousands of meters before reaching the surface or residential water wells.

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