February 24, 2018

Complaint Filed Against Penn State

The Responsible Drilling Alliance has filed a complaint with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education against Pennsylvania State University

The Responsible Drilling Alliance, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, has filed a complaint against Pennsylvania State University. We are asking the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to consider this complaint in the context of the accreditation review of Penn State currently underway.  Like the issue that caused Middle States to begin its current investigation of Penn State, this complaint centers on unethical practices and an abuse of public trust by the university.

Penn State published three papers commissioned and paid for by the shale gas industry as independent research reports. They contained a host of highly exaggerated predictions on jobs, economic development, and tax revenues. These papers profoundly influenced the legislative debate in Pennsylvania in favor of the gas industry and to the detriment of the commonwealth.

CLICK HERE to read the complaint.

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CLICK HERE for the RDA’s open letter to Penn State President Spanier.

CLICK HERE for Penn State’s response to the RDA.