January 21, 2018

Truck Driver Blows the Whistle on Gas Industry

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Transcript of video:

“I am a truck driver. I drove their water tankers. I am going to leave the names of these companies out of it. But I tell you right now, as the low man on the totem pole you are going to be right in the middle of it. It’s a sick industry. Now these drivers will not get up and stand up for their wages because their wages are better, they get $15 or $20 an hour they think they are in high cotton. But just the same anything I had to say, when they told me go clean a frac truck out, I said under OSHA regulations I’ve got to have a haz mat suit on. They laughed me out of it. It’s a culture of fear that’s in the oil industry right now, similar to the coal miners in WV. That told ya’, well we really did not want to tell you the truth about how bad the coal mine is. It’s bad out there, too. A majority of people at your rally last weekend (the big gas industry rally at the Capitol 2011?), you know, “We’re for the industry! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Because we’re making money” But I guarantee you what’s going on, they’re dumping illegally, they’ve got these, uh, now, I’m getting angry. I have been a truck driver for 17 years over 48 states, flatbed driver use to work for wood haulers for eight years. This industry is a bunch of liars. Don’t believe what they have to say. And until we find out if this stuff is safe we need to have a moratorium.”