February 19, 2018

Hydrogeologists say, Ban Hydraulic Fracturing in New York State and the Delaware River Basin

Hydrogeologic Justification for Banning Hydraulic Fracturing throughout New York State and the Delaware River Basin (Testimony provided at the Senate Democratic Conference Public Hearing on Fracking Legislation in Albany, New York on April 25, 2012)

Today’s gas field technology is not capable of isolating our freshwater aquifers from gas field contaminants. For this reason, there are no hydrofracking procedures which can assure protection of our finite and valuable water resources now or into the future. As a result, toxic and carcinogenic contaminants are already and will continue to move with our groundwater flow systems to our most prolific valley bottom aquifers and rivers. The enormous magnitude of planned gas well installations (i.e., thousands) will result in large-scale and widespread water contamination that cannot be remediated. As aptly stated by Cyla Allison, Ph.D. of the Eight Rivers Council, WV: “The damage may not show up for years, the ruination of our water may at first be invisible and in the end irreparable.”

The only viable means of protecting our groundwater and surface water resources now and for future generations is to immediately institute a New York State and Delaware River watershed ban on hydraulic fracturing.

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