January 19, 2018

Working Partnerships

Responsible Drilling Alliance: RDA is an education and advocacy coalition. We seek to educate ourselves and the public about deep shale gas drilling and all of its ramifications. Through outreach programs, events, public forums, and our weekly e-letter, we strive to balance the conversation with authenticity. RDA advocates for federal, state and local regulations needed to protect our economy, environment, health, safety and quality of life. ResponsibleDrillingAlliance.org

Protecting Our Waters: Protecting Our Waters is a Philadelphia-based grassroots alliance committed to protecting the Delaware River Basin, the state of Pennsylvania, and our region from unconventional gas drilling and other threats to our drinking water, environment, and public health. To protect our streams and rivers, drinking water, air quality, forests, habitat, and public health, we call for a MORATORIUM on shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania at least until: New Pennsylvania wastewater treatment requirements for shale gas drilling waste are in place & enforced; An Environmental Impact Statement has been completed for Pennsylvania; All federal exemptions for hydraulic fracturing are lifted:  Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Water Act, & Clean Air Act; The Environmental Protection Agency study is complete; A fund has been created enabling landowners to perform baseline testing of private water wells. ProtectingOurWaters.com

Running Water: RunningWater.us was created to help Organize and Interconnect any organization that is dedicated to protecting the Water of Planet Earth.runningwater.us

Marcellus Protest: Marcellus Protest is an information clearing house about Marcellus Shale gas drilling and activism and related issues. Althought this website’s primary geographic focus is Western Pennsylvania MarcellusProtest.org also includes content pertaining to the five states in which the Marcellus Shale is located – as well as other Shale Gas formations across the U.S. A new social movement is in the making and its going national. marcellusprotest.org

Frack Action: Frack Action is engaged in a long-term campaign to protect our water, air and public health from the dangerous practice of hydraulic fracturing.  By raising awareness and empowering the public to organize in defense of their communities, we seek to expose the false claims of the gas industry and mobilize a citizen movement to protect our health and our future. Frack Action started as an emergency response to the threat facing our communities. FrackAction.com

Clean Water Action: Clean Water Action is a one million member organization of diverse people and groups joined together to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life. Our goals include clean, safe and affordable water; prevention of health threatening pollution; creation of environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work. Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and solve environmental and community problems. CleanWaterAction.org

Frack Alert: FrackAlert Inc. was established to focus specifically on making sure that Pennsylvania politicians are fully aware of the short and long-term dangers of hydraulic fracturing and of the mass public resistance to hydraulic fracturing that now exists in Northeast Pennsylvania due to its threat to your water, air, local food sources, public health and economy. frackalert.org

Highland Concerned Citizens: Highland Concerned Citizens is a grassroots organization of full-time and part-time residents of the Town of Highland, New York.  We are working people and retirees, long-time residents and newcomers, and most of all we are neighbors who have serious concerns about the potential impact — environmental, social, and economic — of natural gas exploration in the Marcellus Shale. highlandconcernedcitizens.com

NY Residents Against Drilling: New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) is a grassroots network of local residents who are opposed to unconventional gas development in New York State. High volume hydraulic fracturing threatens our land, air, and water, jeopardizing the economic and physical health of our communities. Thousands of wells, many miles of pipelines, and large noisy compressor stations could turn our rural communities into giant industrial zones. Therefore, we are joining together to: educate ourselves and our neighbors about the long-term negative economic, environmental, health, and community impacts of gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing; advocate for legislation to safeguard our communities from these threats; encourage the development of alternative, green, sustainable energy sources; We believe that all people have a right to clean air and pure water, and that it is our duty to preserve and protect the natural, scenic, historic, and commercial assets of this beautiful state we live in, for ourselves and future generations. NYRAD.org

Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland County: GDACC is a group of residents who are concerned about gas drilling and its potential impacts on our community, health and environment. Our goal is to educate ourselves and the community about gas drilling, and to promote a safe and clean environment. Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland County

New Yorkers for Clean Water, Inc.: Our mission is to prevent hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) from occurring anywhere in NY State, both in the New York City Watershed and Upstate. New York State recently passed legislation prohibiting fracking in the NY City Watershed, but is considering allowing fracking in upstate New York, including in areas close to watersheds. Fracking has resulted in water supply contamination throughout the country. The chemicals used in the fracking process include known carcinogens. Building and running a filtration plant would add hundreds of dollars to water bills. It is not known whether filtering the water can remove the fracking chemicals. Once a water supply is contaminated it can not be reversed. nyforcleanwater.org

Gas Main: Gas Main allows you to connect to your local organizations opposing the hydrofracturing of the Marcellus and other shales. GasMain.org

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy: Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy is an all volunteer grassroots organization working to prohibit dangerous hydraulic fracturing (fracking) since 2008. CatskillCitizens.org

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange: TEDX, founded by Dr. Theo Colborn , is a non-profit organization dedicated to compiling and disseminatingthe scientific evidence on health and environmental problems caused by low-dose exposure to chemicals that interfere with development and function, called endocrine disrupters. EndocrineDisruption.org

Catskill Mountainkeeper: Our mission is to protect the ecological integrity of the Catskill Mountain range and the quality of life of all those who live there. Through a network of concerned citizens, we work to promote sustainable economic growth and the protection of natural resources essential to healthy communities. CatskillMountainkeeper.org

Delaware River Keeper: As a watershed wide advocacy program, Delaware Riverkeeper Network takes a strong stance on regional and local issues that threaten water quality and the ecosystems of the Delaware River and its watershed. In fact, Delaware Riverkeeper Network is the only advocacy organization working throughout the entire Delaware River Watershed. Delaware Riverkeeper Network works from the “bottom up,” empowering communities and citizens to act and advocate for change. At the same time Delaware Riverkeeper Network must work from the top down, engaging regulatory and policy makers in order to secure decisions and programs that protect and restore our river and watershed. Delaware Riverkeeper Network is known for taking positions on controversial issues that otherwise would be ineffectively addressed, if at all. These positions are always backed up with solid information, documentation, and reason, informed by science, law, policy analysis, community need and genuine passion and commitment to the right outcome.DelawareRiverKeeper.org

NYH2O: NYH2O, Inc. is a non-profit advocacy group based in New York City that is dedicated to protecting New York’s water resources from the threat posed by the gas extraction industry. The industry has targeted the Southern Tier of New York State, including New York City’s Catskill-Delaware Watershed that provides pristine, unfiltered water to 9 million New York residents. NYH2O seeks to educate the public concerning the health, environmental, and economic impacts of gas drilling as experienced by communities across the country where this intensive, industrial activity has taken place. NYH2O will support legislation that safeguards the public from the risk to water resources and air quality that ultimately threatens the health of our community. NYH20.org

Breathing is Political: DCS member Liz Bucar maintains this blog on environmental and health issues surrounding the gas industry activity in the Delaware River Basin. Breathing_is_Political

Shaleshock: Since 2008 Shaleshock has been a nursery for groups and projects in the region working to stop exploitative drilling. Now, Shaleshock Alliance is a major outreach and information hub about fracking in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes region, connecting people to the growing movement to protect our communities and environment. Shaleshock.org

Un-NaturalGas.org: “because there is nothing natural about what the methane extraction process invented by Halliburton does to water, air, & living things” Un-NaturalGas.org

Fort Worth Citizens Against Neighborhood Drilling Ordinance: FwCanDo was formed by a small group of concerned citizens in September 2005 in response to natural gas drilling activities encroaching on our neighborhoods. We believe that gas drilling and related activities are a threat to people, property and wildlife.FWcando.org

Oil and Gas Accountability Project: Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project serves drilling impacted communities around the country. One way we do so is by working to reform government policies at the federal, state and local levels. OGap.org

Pennsylvania Campaign for Clean Water: Formed in 2002, the Pennsylvania Campaign for Clean Water is a coalition of over 140 environmental, conservation, sporting, and religious groups from all corners of the state that speaks in one voice in support of federal and state policies to protect and restore PA’s water resources. PACleanWatercampaign.org

Earth Justice: Earthjustice is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment. EarthJustice.org

Blue Daze: TXSharon is the writer of this blog. She is a landowner and mineral owner on the Barnett Shale, and works for the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project. TXsharon.Blogspot