February 22, 2018

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DCS Urges YOU to Contact President Obama

DCS urges YOU to send a letter and call President Obama to tell him he is wrong to encourage fracking for shale gas as our energy future. This is a live-in experiment going horribly wrong.

The excellent letter below was written by our Coalition partners United For Action.

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DCS’s Letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu

Damascus Citizens has sent a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu about the President’s comments on shale gas in his State of the Union address to tell him he is wrong to encourage fracking as our energy future. This is a live-in experiment going horribly wrong.

by Barbara Arrindell,
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Connect to Your Local Organizations

Connect to your local organizations opposing the hydrofracturing of the Marcellus and other shales


Use these brochures (PDF format) to connect to your local organizations. If you need editable docs please contact Mike Bernhard.

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New York and Pennsylvania and A Sampling of Municipalities and Key
Organizations in Varied Locations Opposed to Hydrofrack Drilling

Compiled by Joe Hoff, Chairman of Keuka Citizens Against Hydrofracking As of January 29, 2012

View report as PDF.

New York State:
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40 Sportsmens’s Groups Write to PA Governor

On Thursday, January 26th, more than 40 sportsmen’s groups representing 100,000-plus hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts sent a letter to Corbett asking that he not allow any more state forest land to be leased for oil and gas development.

View PDF of letter here.

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Letter From Ruth Hardinger to Governor Cuomo

Letter from Ruth Hardinger to Governor Cuomo Re: NYS Draft SGEIS
By Ruth Hardinger, January 10, 2012

Daily, as the public becomes truly informed about hydro-fracking for gas, they are decidely not trusting words calling it safe. In New York, there are over 70 non-profit groups fighting fracking, undertaking Herculean … Continue reading

Letter From Joe Levine to NYS DEC

Letter from Joe Levine, co-founder of DCS, NYH2O and Citizens For Water, to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in response to the Draft SGEIS 2011
By Joe Levine, January 11, 2012

My comments focus on migration of fluids and gases through natural faults and fractures in the … Continue reading

With natural gas drilling, what you don’t know can hurt you.

chemicals in hydro-fracked water poster

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting From The Petroleum And Natural Gas Industry


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations cited in this technical support document (TSD) contain legally-binding requirements. In several chapters this TSD offers illustrative examples for complying with the minimum requirements indicated by the regulations. This is done to provide information that … Continue reading

U.S. Cuts Estimate for Marcellus Shale Gas Reserves by 66%

By Christine Buurma – Jan 23, 2012 12:04 PM ET


The U.S. Energy Department cut its estimate for natural gas reserves in the Marcellus shale formation by 66 percent, citing improved data on drilling and production.

About 141 trillion cubic feet of gas can be recovered from the … Continue reading