February 22, 2018

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Breathe carefully: air emissions of benzene may cause birth defects

Lupo, PJ, E Symanski, DK Waller, MA Canfield and LE Mitchellet. 2010.
Environmental Health Perspectives

Pregnant women living in Texas neighborhoods with higher air levels of benzene – a pollutant oftenreleased from oil refineries and traffic exhaust – are more likely to have babies with neural tube defects.Women living in … Continue reading

‘Fracking’ Mobilizes Uranium in Marcellus Shale, UB Research Finds

University of Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Scientific and political disputes over drilling Marcellus shale for natural gas have focused primarily on the environmental effects of pumping millions of gallons of water and chemicals deep underground to blast through rocks to release the natural gas.

But University at Buffalo researchers have … Continue reading


A Dream Dashed by the Rush on Gas. Exploring the promise and challenge of a new energy supply.
Marianne Lavelle, National Geographic News, October 17, 2010

Chris and Stephanie Hallowich say they tried to choose carefully when they were seeking out their dream home in southwestern Pennsylvania. Thinking of their … Continue reading

Philly academy study finds gas drilling threatens streams

By Sandy Bauers, Philadelphia Inquirer

A preliminary study by Academy of Natural Sciences researchers suggests that even without spills or other accidents, drilling for natural gas in Pennsylvania’s rich Marcellus Shale formation could degrade nearby streams.

The researchers compared watersheds where there was no or little drilling to watersheds where … Continue reading

Air Pollution Becoming a Basin Concern: Ozone levels in Utah

Mary Bernard, Vernal Express

High levels of ozone pollution measured in rural Uintah County last winter have federal officials and others concerned about a growing public health risk.

In order to improve air quality tighter regulatory controls may be brought to bear on the oil-and-gas industry, already hit hard by … Continue reading

Carginogen from gas compressor stations being monitored

Aman Batheje, Star-Telegram

Questions over how natural gas drilling affects air quality have raged across North Texas this year, with much of the focus on toxins including benzene and toluene. But more questions are coming up about a chemical more associated with paint and construction materials than drilling: formaldehyde.

Drilling … Continue reading

The Whole Fracking Enchilada

Violating the bedrock, the atmosphere, and everything in between
By Sandra Steingraber, Orion magazine, September/October 2010

I HAVE COME to believe that extracting natural gas from shale using the newish technique called hydrofracking is the environmental issue of our time. And I think you should, too.

Saying so represents two … Continue reading